Finnegans Wake at 80

 Symposium at Trinity College Dublin

Featuring a roundtable on translating Finnegans Wake with Congrong Dai; Robbert-Jan Henkes & Erik Bindervoet; Enrico Terrinoni.

Keynote speakers: Chrissie Van Mierlo and Tim Conley

Because of its singular complexity, Finnegans Wake has defied critics in the eighty years since its publication. The aim of this conference is to encourage a synthesis of thematic and formal approaches to the Wake through genetic approaches, that is, to look at its stylistic and linguistic complexity through the prism of the notes and manuscripts on which it was written during the period 1922–1939, which almost exactly coincides with the Irish Free State.

To propose an individual contribution, please submit a 250-word abstract that includes the speaker’s name and academic affiliation (if applicable) and the paper title.

Please send proposals to no later than 29 Nov. 2018.

Participation in the conference is free of charge.

This conference is made possible by funding from the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute and the Trinity Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation.